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Deliver awesome video to your customers, and increase sales in record time!

EyeFly video is a simple, easy to operate system which allows Heli, Rafting, Jetboat or other tourism operators to capture on board footage to then rapidly preview and sell to their customers. Track your videos and increase your merchandise sales revenue, along with valuable post-sale marketing opportunities and customer analytics.



We supply end to end hardware, software and training to enable you to create add on video sales and learn valuable marketing statistics from these sales. Install and training typically takes 3 days.




We supply end to end hardware, software and training to enable you to create add on video sales and learn valuable marketing statistics from these sales. Install and training typically takes 3 days.




We supply mounting solutions, video process and preview hardware, software and training to enable you to create add on video sales and learn valuable marketing statistics from these sales. Install and training typically takes 3 days.




You provide your own video camera hardware and we install and train you on our video processing system which enable you to showcase the videos, sell them to your customers and learn valuable marketing statistics from these sales. Install and training typically takes 1 day.


Start your video sales success story today

Raft Hardware


Jetboat Hardware




Our dedicated hardware allows you to record great video in impossible places. Get it sale-ready in record time with minimal labour input and fast, easy training. Your customers video will be ready for preview within minutes.


Sell your branded video to your customers via our unique cloud delivery platform with the click of a button. Today’s consumer, whether teenager or grandmother, is watching video delivered through the web – streamed to web browsers or mobile devices. Our videos are accessible at home or on the go.


With a single click you can Like, +1 or Share your EyeFly video with the world. We track where and when the video is viewed, giving you powerful insights into your customer’s distribution and reach. 

• View sales by team member to evaluate performance at a granular level.

• Track customer views by country (and other criteria) to optimise marketing spend.

• Eliminates the potential for unreported sales.

R5 Marine Camera


Specialty hardware to work in your environment.


With a tough polycarbonate housing, 6 hr+ runtime, in and out facing HD 160° FOV lenses and simple remote operation you will be able to capture saleable footage all-day, every-day. Waterproof to 3m. Video transfer via rugged USB 3.0 flash drive. Mounting options for white-water raft and jetboat.


Engineered from the ground up to be simple to use and require the minimum amount of training - Even for the least tech savvy operator.


Sell customer video faster and easier than ever before and add to your bottom-line whilst increasing your marketing reach.


Customers purchase a video and receive a high-quality branded voucher card with their unique code giving access to their cloud accessible video on any platform.


Your message is available around the world with our video system, which includes your brand on every video. Expose your brand to many, many viewers – all over the world.

Cross platform selling with custom code card


No more DVD or USB reducing overhead and process time. Convenient sale process with no need for an editor on-staff.


Today’s consumer, whether teenager or grandmother, is watching video delivered through the web – streamed to web browsers or mobile devices. Our videos are accessible at home or on the go.

Cross Platform Playback


Generate valuable sales reports with insightful analytical information.




Total number of videos sold by realworld operators.



Average video views per video sale is 56 - Translating to additional marketing reach.



Number of countries viewing EyeFly delivered operator videos.



Track social media shares on a per video basis.
*Social Share analytics Q1 2019.


Our concept is one of a partnership between EyeFly and the operator. We provide a service previously unheard of. EyeFly was formed with experts in the tourism and video industries and is completely rewriting the model for adventure tour videos. Using proprietary systems developed from the best professional equipment in the video industry, EyeFly processes the video and makes it available in the Cloud to the customer. We believe in win-win business scenarios, working with you to optimise your add-on sales. 


Depending on your business size and sector there will be a one-off setup fee for hardware and customisation of your distribution channel. 


We will invoice a proportionate share of your video sales revenue.


New Zealand River Jet

I would recommend this system to any jet boat operator. It takes some time to get your head around the system, i.e which portions of your trip to film that motivate the customers to purchase but once you get that right you’re away. We have an extremely high hit rate selling up to 3 videos per trip. Easy money. This has not hurt our photo sales at all. They have actually increased. 

Rafting New Zealand

We have been involved with EyeFly from the very beginning of their rafting development for the EyeFly unit. What has impressed me throughout the process of development is EyeFly's fantastic "never give up" attitude, passion for perfection and commitment to creating what is now a robust, "simple to use," reliable, effective piece of tech equipment. Clients love the results, the Guides can easily use it, while also adding an additional revenue stream for the business and guides alike.

The EyeFly Unit has been designed and tested for the rigors of white water abuse - it is a tough, exceptional piece of kit that every rafting operation should have on the front of their boats.

Vector Wero

EyeFly’s system is very simple and user-friendly to use. Our rafting guides can easily activate the camera themselves while they raft and our staff processes the sale without any additional hardware. Their team is awesome to work with and are always improving their system. I would recommend EyeFly to any rafting and adventure company.


For years, the tourism industry used various systems to record their adventures and provide physical recordings to customers.

All existing systems used the same old technology with variations. Record the flight, edit the video, add headers and trailers, copy it to USB or DVD, and despatch it to the customer. Then, on the customer’s end, a DVD player was required to share the flight with friends and after being watched offered no post sale marketing or exposure whatsoever.

EyeFly started with a clean slate and developed an entirely new and radical concept for recording and disseminating these adventures. Teaming with John Curtis, ex Weta Digital software developer on such movies as “Lord of the Rings” and “Avatar,” we developed the Cloud based (internet) service and our own immersive viewer, ensuring the customer could view and share the flight with friends around the world in just a few hours. Industry experts forecast that in the near future, most videos will be viewed on mobile platforms. EyeFly have optimized our service to take advantage of this.


Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes

Resident genius who effortlessly comes up with off the wall solutions which simply work and get our products from prototype to fully functional commercial reality. When not busy he specialises in 3D printing and doing up his house. 

Bruce Bartley

Dominik Strobel

Regional Sales Manager
Europe & UK

Dominik is an exceptional business development & sales professional with a proven 20 year history adding value to tourism businesses both in New Zealand and Europe. He is our point of contact for all sales in Europe & UK.

Drew Marshall

Drew Marshall

Production Manager

Drew builds cool stuff that works!! His background is extremely varied , having worked in various fields around the world. His 1st love is music (don't tell the wife), and has been a professional drummer for 25 years. He also loves gardening and bonsai... Serenity.

Evan Erstich

Evan Erstich


Evan is a professional engineer but further brings to the team broader knowledge and skills around finance, marketing and commercial law. The ability to use these skills to balance the pull and push of management, marketing and engineering requirements is a key attribute to help commercialize new and complex products successfully.

Fritz Frohlke

Fritz Frohlke

CEO, Rest Of World Sales

Marine sales specialist and tourism sector expert. Experienced and proven CEO in the adventure field. Member of the West German kayak team and extensive raft business background. Managed NZ’s largest skydiving operation for twelve years. Founding investor in, another angel backed company. 

John Curtis

John Curtis

CTO, Director

10 years with Weta Digital working with Peter Jackson. Highly skilled with all aspects of video, hosting and distribution.

This breadth of knowledge sets him apart from the more narrow
focus typical of younger IT people.

David Brown

David Brown

CFO, Director

As well as owning a chartered accountancy in Taupo David has been involved in building businesses for a long time. He has a track record in tourism as a director for Taupo Bungy and when the opportunity came along to invest in EyeFly as a founding investor jumped at the chance. When not working on the financial side of looking after EyeFly David enjoys racing his car on a race track.

Chris Young

Chris Young


After thirty five years of making money out of Insurance, Food and Commercial property, it was time to go to the other side and really challenge myself. Eyefly got my attention - They are disrupting the way video is delivered to clients in the tourism industry hence it was time to put my money where my mouth was and an investment in Eyefly followed.

Dominic Strobel

Bruce Bartley


Experienced in sales to aviation operators worldwide with Spidertracks. Bruce is an experienced director of numerous companies
including several angel-backed companies.

Lisa De Thierry

Lisa de Thierry

Master of the Dark Arts

Lisa is the backbone of Team EyeFly. She has extensive experience taming our back room paper war and its thanks to her we no longer kill off forests, dragging us into the electronic transaction and reconciliation age. So much so that the monthly pieces of paper passed to her can be counted on 2 hands per month.



Team Mascot

Chief barker, HQ visitor announcer and Ben's shadow. Likes playing fetch or sprawling on the floor in everybodys way.


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Get out there and Film the impossible

Find out how EyeFly can capture stunning video in the toughest places, preview it to an impatient customer, process the sale, and deliver it fast. Then follow up with post-sale opportunities and valuable analytics.

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